Published On: Sun, Oct 22nd, 2023

TopCashback: Dad saves £1,700 to feed children during cost-of-living crisis | Personal Finance | Finance

As food bills continue to rise, Britons are constantly looking for ways to cut their food shop and save some extra money.

Overall, spending on essential groceries by parents in the UK has rocketed by 46 percent in the last three months.

By using cashback sites and discounted food websites, Britons can make savings and cut the grocery shop each week.

David has been using TopCashback in 2019 and has saved more than £1,700 since becoming a member.

He does most of his grocery shopping through the site, earning at least £3 on each shop. Most recently, he used £80 of his cashback earnings to buy back-to-school items for his child.

The 46-year-old said: “It’s no secret that having a family is expensive – whether that’s keeping them fed or entertained.

“Using money-saving sites, like TopCashback makes such a difference.

“I even use it to do my weekly shop and the savings just rack up over time, which we put towards other unexpected small purchases for the family.”

New research from TopCashback showed that families are spending on average £6,192 per year on food – approximately £119 per week or £516 per month.

In the last three months, parents say the cost of their essential groceries has increased by 46 percent, considerably higher than the latest ONS statistics showing food inflation at 13.6 percent.

Adam Bullock, UK Director at TopCashback said: “Our research uncovers the extent to which purse strings are being stretched for families across the UK.

“With thousands of pounds spent each year on food alone and hikes of 46 percent on average, it’s no wonder that parents feel immense pressure to prioritise their spending and plan for the future.

“While many have cited inflation falling as good news, the true cost of putting food on the table is still astronomically higher for millions.”

Another way people can cut their food costs is by using discounted websites.

Savvy shopper Berni uses Approved Food as a way to keep her food costs down. Since using the website, she’s been able to buy all her favourite brands but for a fraction of the price.

The 65-year-old said: “When I first started shopping with Approved Food, I was looking for a way to save money on my regular food shops, whilst also helping to cut down on my food waste.

“Over the years I’ve found that the savings I’ve been able to achieve have helped me not only cut my overall monthly costs but also to try new foods that I would never have been able to at full price – it means I can have treats much more often!

“I’ve been able to stock up on my basics like tins and cereal without worrying as much about the cost, and I’ve even been able to buy other items like perfume at huge discounts compared to other shops.”

Approved Food is an online retailer which specialises in selling food, drink and household consumable products that are short-dated or past their best-before date.

Customers can typically save around £60 on their monthly food shop, compared to high street prices. Over the course of the year, that amounts to over £700 in savings.

Jane Macadam, another user of the website has been able to cut costs during this particularly difficult time when food inflation continues to rise.

Jane used to spend £120 every 10 days on her food shop but now spends only £50 for herself and her husband.

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