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Taylor Swift Eras Tour film is coming to your Odeon Cinema – Watch for free | Films | Entertainment

Taylor Swift Eras Tour film tickets

Taylor Swift Eras Tour film tickets are out now (Image: PH)

fans are feasting right now.

After her latest remake album, 1989 (Taylor’s Version), was announced, and tickets for her globe-trotting Eras Tour were released, it seemed as if the Exile singer was done.

But she had other plans.

Taylor Swift recently confirmed she will be showing her Eras Tour concert movie in cinemas in the USA, bringing the live experience to as many people as possible.

And now she has revealed The Eras Tour Concert Film is hitting cinemas “worldwide”.

Yes, that includes the UK and Ireland, and tickets are out right now, exclusively at Odeon Cinemas. And the blockbuster company has confirmed the feature will be playing at every single Odeon in the country.

You can buy your tickets from the Odeon Cinemas website right here, but if you want to watch The Eras Tour Concert Film for free, keep reading…

Taylor Swift Eras Tour film announcement

How to watch Taylor Swift – The Eras Tour Concert Film for free

Taylor Swift fans will be able to watch The Eras Tour concert movie for absolutely nothing if they sign up to Odeon Limitless.

Odeon Limitless is a subscription service that charges film fans a monthly fee of £14.99 for access to an unlimited amount of film viewings (or £12.41 per month if you pay the full £149 for 12 months upfront).

With that said Taylor Swift fans who sign up for Odeon Limitless will only need to see one other film in October using their shiny new Limitless subscription to see The Eras Tour essentially for free.

Considering each film ticket costs anywhere from £12-£14, the one ticket will cover the entire cost of The Eras Concert.

What’s more, Swifties will be able to watch The Eras Tour as many times as they like during the movie’s big-screen run.

To sign up for Odeon Limitless, click here and book your spot at a Taylor Swift screening near you now.

Taylor Swift Eras Tour film tickets

Taylor Swift Eras Tour film tickets are available for “free” through Odeon Limitless (Image: PH)

Tickets are not the only thing Odeon Limitless subscriptions grant film fans.

Subscribers get ten percent off selected food and drink at all Odeon cinemas, including popcorn, fizzy drinks and more. This also includes the likes of nachos, pizza, chicken strips, hotdogs, etc.

Limitless users will also receive invites to exclusive, pre-release screenings. By attending these screenings, fans will be able to see certain movies long before anyone else in the general public.

There are some restrictions with Odeon Limitless, however.

The Odeon Limitless subscription will only allow standard seating tickets at cinemas. If fans want to upgrade to premier seats, that is doable by adding another £2 to every order.

It is also important to note that the Odeon Limitless deal requires a three-month minimum term when paying monthly. This means you won’t be able to leave the contract until three months have passed. But, as long as you see more than one movie per month, you’ll be quids in.

Odeon Limitless is available monthly for £14.99, or save almost £30 by paying £149 upfront, claiming 12 months for the price of ten – Subscribe HERE

Taylor Swift Eras Tour film tickets

The Taylor Swift Eras Tour film shows how the star performs (Image: PH)

Buy Taylor Swift Eras Tour tickets

Taylor Swift fans may be ecstatic about The Eras Tour finally hitting cinemas in the UK, but they will no doubt want to buy tickets to the real thing in the coming months.

The star, who is just 33-years-old, will be hitting the UK with her Eras Tour in Summer 2024, and playing a massive amount of shows along the way.


Otherwise, buy Taylor Swift tickets directly here – if there are any left…

Chances are, most (if not all) of the Taylor Swift tickets have sold out – but there is still hope.

Taylor Swift fans have had a lot of success buying resale tickets in the past few weeks.

Here’s what you need to know:

Taylor Swift Eras Tour film tickets

The Taylor Swift Eras Tour film will show off the platinum-selling star’s talents (Image: PH)

Buy Taylor Swift resale tickets

Taylor Swift resale tickets are available right now, and fans who are willing to pay a little extra will be able to get front-row tickets right now.

These tickets are 100 percent legitimate and were originally purchased from the tour’s official retailer, Ticketmaster.

However, viagogo are allowing fans who either can no longer attend or do not want to attend to sell their ticket ahead of time.

This means you can buy your perfect Taylor Swift tickets right now.

Buy Taylor Swift resale tickets right here.

(Otherwise, read more about the resale experience here.)

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