Published On: Sun, Sep 17th, 2023

Sunak warned over triple lock threat as PM accused of ‘policies that ensure defeat’ | Politics | News

A former cabinet minister and an campaign chief for the Tories has warned that Rishi Sunak risks ensuring his party loses the next election unless he changes course on two major policies.

Speaking to the two senior party figures have said that they are alarmed over reports that the Prime Minister intends to stick to plans to ban new petrol and diesel vehicles in 2030.

The proposal is five years ahead of any other major competitor and could cost businesses and individuals thousands while putting Britain at a competitive disadvantage.

However, they said they have even greater concerns over reports that Mr Sunak will get rid of the pensions triple lock guarantee of increasing the state pension by 2.5 percent of the highest rate of inflation whichever is the higher.

The Prime Minister is understood to have said that he will do what he thinks is right even if it hurts him politically.

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The former cabinet minister said: “It’s one thing being hit by events, it’s quite another actively pursuing policies that ensure your defeat.”

His views were shared by other senior figures in the party.

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An ex-campaign chief told “I fear Rishi Sunak is now looking for things to prove his line – ‘I will do what is right even if it hurts me politically’.”

The senior Tory added: “Trouble is it’s not him that will be in the shit when he flees to California and 200 Tory MPs are unemployed and the Country is run by people like Angela Raynor.”

The comments come after revealed that some Conservative MPs have already submitted letters to the 1922 Committee, which organises the parliamentary party, asking for a leadership vote of confidence.

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