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State pension payments may be paid early next week | Personal Finance | Finance

When a payment date falls on a bank holiday or weekend, the DWP makes the payment on the first working day prior to the affected date.

This means anyone who was expecting their state pension to be paid on May 1, will actually get it earlier than usual – on Friday April 28, 2023.

Due to the Coronation of King Charles III, there’s a bank holiday the week after May 1 too, on May 8.

It means anyone who would have got their payment on May 8 usually, can instead expect it on Friday April 5, 2023.

How is the state pension paid?

The state pension first needs to be claimed, and people who fail to do so won’t get the sum. Instead, it’ll be deferred, and this could mean the amount a person gets increases.

Once claimed, the first payment will be within five weeks of reaching state pension age.

After that, the DWP says pensioners will get their full payment every four weeks, in arrears.

It may be a person gets part of a payment before their first full payment, but the DWP will send a letter so recipients know what to expect.

The day a person’s state pension is paid will depend on what their National Insurance number is.

Of course, people may be paid earlier than the following list if the payment day is on a bank holiday.

State pension payment days

Last 2 digits of your National Insurance number:

00 to 19: Payment day of the week is Monday

20 to 39: Payment day of the week is Tuesday

40 to 59: Payment day of the week is Wednesday

60 to 79: Payment day of the week is Thursday

80 to 99: Payment day of the week is Friday

People can check to see how much state pension they’re due to get online, via the state pension forecast tool.

The service can be used to find out how much state pension they can get, but also when they can get it and how to increase it (if they can).

Be aware though, the tool can’t be used by people already getting their state pension, or those who have delayed (deferred) claiming it.

While the DWP says applying online is the quickest way to get a forecast, there are other options.

People who will reach their state pension age in more than 30 days can also:

  • Fill in the BR19 application form and send it by post
  • Call the Future Pension Centre, who will post the forecast.

Meanwhile, people who have deferred the state pension or already get it can contact the Pension Service, if they live in the UK

Those in this position who live abroad should contact the International Pension Centre.

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