Published On: Sun, Jan 14th, 2024

Simple washing machine cleaning DIY hack using every day item leaves people ‘mesmerised’

A group of cleaning fans have discovered a brilliant trick to get your washing machine sparkling clean and free from built-up dirt.

The hack, shared by parents on the Facebook group Mums Who Clean, involves simply throwing a dishwasher tablet into the machine and running it on a hot cycle.

One person said they were “mesmerised” by the results, while another could see the “shine on the drum” after trying the trick themselves.

The mums found that within minutes, their machines were filled with dirty brown water – not what you want from a machine meant to clean your clothes!

Some even decided to use four dishwasher tablets at once for an extra thorough clean.

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Another member shared that she could now see her drum shine.

In another clever trick, a woman revealed how she keeps her oven spotless. She said her cleaning routine involved less hours scrubbing cooked-on food spills and grime.

This nifty trick involves dissolving a dishwasher tablet on a damp cloth and wiping it across her oven surface.

The simple 5p trick did wonders, as shown by the before and after photos of her oven door, free from oil and grime stains.

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