Published On: Tue, Sep 19th, 2023

Side hustle: Woman quits corporate job to make £80,000 a year as a house cleaner | Personal Finance | Finance

One woman is sharing how she quit her corporate career to instead take on her side hustle full-time as a home cleaner.

Kayleen Kelly, 37, from Jacksonville, Florida makes the equivalent of over £80,000 a year cleaning “chronic clutter”.

Prior to her side hustle, she was making $28,000 (£22,500) as a customer service agent but quit this job in April 2014.

Ms Kelly has helped over 1,000 clients since then and now makes $100,000 (£80,000) annually.

The cleaning expert uses her “core four” method to help customers which involves clearing out, categorising, cutting out and containing items.

She explained: “When I was growing up, I wasn’t in control of many things, but organising became a hyper-focus for me to control my environment – it made me feel safe.

“Clutter does not discriminate, it doesn’t matter what your background is or the size of your home.

“I work with real people with real homes – often Instagram homes are all smoke and mirrors. Leaving my full-time job was the best decision I ever made.”

Her former side hustle is now a full-time business, Kayleen Kelly Home Organizing & Redesign, which made her $40,000 (£32,000) in her first year.

Despite making substantially more than this now, Ms Kelly only works 23 hours a week and has three members of staff to assist her.

The entrepreneur added: “I apply the core four methods to every single project – when you have an unorganised space everything gets mixed together. You have to work through a room, one tile at a time, it’s like a puzzle game.”

Two of her clients were an elderly couple whom she helped with their “chronic clutter” to make sure they were not convicted.

On her customers, Ms Kelly said: “My second client was a woman who sounded very nervous, and I went to see her.

“It was a retired couple and they had moved from a 3,500 square foot home to a 600 square foot apartment.

“All of their lights were off and there was a strong odour. They were buried in clutter, and they were about to be kicked out.

“I worked with them for two years and helped them live comfortably in a clean home to enjoy their animals and space.”

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