Published On: Tue, Oct 31st, 2023

Savings: TikTok star saves money at Asda thanks to ‘clicker’ supermarket tip | Personal Finance | Finance

One woman is sharing how she is able to save money in her Asda supermarket shop.

Content creator @phemmoore regularly divulges savings tips on her TikTok channel, She’s On A Budget.

In a recent video, she revealed how using a clicker allows her to keep track of her spending as she clicks the counter every time she adds to her basket.

The content creator shared: “I’ve got my clicker and my shopping list. We are back in Asda. We have over £10 in rewards vouchers but we’re not using them. We have a budget of £100.

“The best time to come shopping is 8 am – all the fresh fruit and veg has been put out. So yeah, this might be my new shopping time, guys.”

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During the four-minute clip, the supermarket shopper highlighted how uses her clicker to keep track of her budget.

For example, among the first items she bought were a £5 oven glove and a pack of tea towels priced at £3.

Clicking the counter and showing the viewers, the TikTok star revealed that she had hit £8 so far during her Asda shop.

If she were to purchase something that cost £2, she would click the counter to show £2 which means she is overestimating how much her shop costs to keep in budget.

According to the savvy shopper, Asda is her preferred supermarket at the moment due to its Reward scheme.

Another savings hack she recommends is buying home-brand supermarket items instead of the more well-known versions.

Initially picking up a box of 20 assorted packets of Walkers crisps for £4, which she got 50p off on the Rewards scheme, the content creator found that Asda’s own were cheaper.

This find came to just £3.25 and included 24 packs which means they were a better overall deal and led to more savings.

By the end of her supermarket shop, the TikToker had a bill that came to £83.29 even though her clicker showed £87 due to her rounding up.

On top of this, she received a £5 reduction in her grocery bill thanks to Asda’s Rewards programme.

In the comment section of the video, viewers shared their reactions to the young woman’s shopping savings tips.

One viewer commented: “The clicker is such a good idea. Definitely investing in one.”

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