Published On: Tue, May 23rd, 2023

Royal Mail warns Britons of ‘significant’ delivery delays across the UK this week

Royal Mail warned customers of some disruption and “significant issues” affecting the movement of mail through its air network this week.

Royal Mail’s air network operates to move letters and parcels between delivery offices around the UK.

The air network services operated to schedule over the past 24 hours with “one exception,” Royal Mail‘s website explained.

“High volumes, due to an earlier cancelled flight between Stansted airport and Edinburgh airport, meant that some mail was transferred to contingency services.”

Due to the flight cancellation, some items posted on Monday 22 in London, the south of England and Northern Ireland due for delivery today in Scotland, “may arrive later than expected”.

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Some severe disruption is affecting Mail Centres this week, and Gatwick Mail Centre reported “not all mail was processed or dispatched to schedule over the last 24 hours”.

Some mail “may be delivered later than planned” because of flight cancellations and all mail posted in the BN and RH postcodes due for delivery today in other parts of the UK will be affected.

In terms of standard deliveries, Royal Mail explained that most deliveries are operating as normal across the UK but a number of local offices are “temporarily” affected by severe delays.

Royal Mail also issued an update on the services in Glasgow (G1 to G5) this week and announced that the industrial action that began on May 19 is set to continue.

The Customer Service Point, however, remains open and customers can check to see the updated opening hours this week.

“We apologise for any disruption caused due to this unballoted action being taken by members of the Communication Workers Union (CWU). We’ll return to normal service as soon as we can,” Royal Mail added.

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