Published On: Fri, Mar 31st, 2023

Queen Letizia of Spain wears Kate’s go-to brand – and looks ‘perfect in such a fun outfit’

Queen Letizia attended a literature event to commemorate the centenary of “Casa Del Libro” with her husband King Felipe of Spain. For the outing in Madrid, the monarch wore a red Zara ensemble and she looked more stylish than ever. Queen Letizia, who often opts for designer clothes such as Hugo Boss and Carolina Herrera, surprised fans by wearing a bold outfit from high street brand Zara.

The Spanish monarch chose a long red asymmetric top which had a price of £70 and matching palazzo trousers which used to retail for £55.

The long sleeve top featured a round neckline, an asymmetric hem with a deep vent and a buttoned opening in the back.

Unfortunately, the affordable ensemble belongs to the 2019 collection and is not available in stores anymore.

Queen Letizia combined her statement look with silver accessories: her Alice metallic clutch bag from Magrit and matching pumps also from the Spanish brand Magrit.

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For jewellery, she opted for a pair of gold earrings from designer CXC, and royal fans absolutely loved her fashion choices.

Instagram user @shakewaits said: “10 out of 10!” and @jorgacampbell agreed: “She looks stunning.”

“This is fabulous on her!” commented @stefanie.prince and another one added: “Chic and simple, she looks great.”

Royal watcher @florence.pit opined Queen Letizia was “perfect in such a fun outfit” and others added she looked “better than the model”.

“She looks fantastic, it’s chic, affordable and it’s all repeat,” said @luxmeagainpreloved and others commented that the look was “perfection”.

Social media user @ale_campos_gua opined that all European royals “are going bold this week with colour and style”.

Although Queen Letizia is known to support Spanish brands and designers, her low-cost choice to attend the formal event was a surprise for many.

But she is not the only royal who favours the popular brand Zara, and Kate, Princess of Wales is also a fan having recently donned a £5.99 skirt from the label during a trip to south Wales.

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However, the Princess of Wales “being obsessed” with Zara has been recently criticised by artist and poet Charly Cox who explained on his social media: “Shopping sustainably is an incredible privilege, one of which she [Kate] can both afford, fit and do a hell of a lot of good promoting.”

He opined that “when Kate chooses to dress from the high street, being able to afford to shop from designers both established and up and coming, it’s not only a wasted opportunity but it’s condescending and defaming of her ideals and message”.

Fast fashion is known to be a contributor to climate change with brands using cheap materials and manufacturing in remote countries.

Charly Cox claimed: “What about the women enslaved to stitch her shirt? The children who have to pick her cotton? The emissions that far outweigh private jet transport.

“It all goes in the same bin of people in power and of extreme privilege spouting how we should all do better when they themselves actively choose not to.”

Royal and fashion expert Miranda Holder also opined that “her Zara obsession isn’t in my opinion the best of decisions”.

On one hand, “wearing pieces sourced from the high street keeps Kate relatable to us all, as we can easily recreate her look without it being out of our budget, and this also positions her as sympathetic to the current cost of living crisis we have in the UK”.

However, “a better move, both for the economy and Kate’s reputation, would be for her to champion some more homegrown sustainable but affordable British brands which would give the UK and the Princess a boost,” Miranda claimed.

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