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Petty millionaire withdraws entire savings and orders bank to count it after row | Personal Finance | Finance

A millionaire, known as ‘Sunwear’ on the social network Weibo, withdrew his and demanded the bank count the cash after losing his temper following a visit to a branch of the Bank of Shanghai in .

‘Sunwear’ reportedly withdrew ¥5million (around £566,000), which was said to be the maximum amount he could withdraw.

The wealthy man took to social media in a post that circulated in 2021 to share his frustrations with the bank’s service, but he did not outline what actually happened from his side.

The Bank of Shanghai, however, insisted the incident simply involved a security guard asking the man to follow Covid-19 protocols and wear a face mask.

In his since-deleted posts, the millionaire accused the bank staff of having “the worst service attitude” while boasting about having tens of millions in his account.

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He said: “Because of this attitude, I can only withdraw all the money and put it in other banks.”

After asking staff for the sizeable sum in banknotes, he said: “It was necessary to request them to count the cash in case it fell short.”

‘Sunwear’ said it took two bank workers two hours to prepare his huge withdrawal with a single currency counter.

He also shared images of wads of cash placed on top of the bank counter and later tucked in suitcases.

He said he’d keep returning to withdraw the same amount of cash until he removed all funds from his account, however, it’s unclear whether he followed through with his threat.

Images of the millionaire loading the cases of banknotes into his luxury car were then shared widely on Chinese social networks.

After conducting an investigation and viewing CCTV footage, the Bank of Shanghai branch stated that none of its staff members broke any customer service guidelines.

Instead, it noted that the client’s complaint suggested that “he had higher expectations of financial services.”

The branch said the millionaire simply became frustrated after a security guard asked him to comply with the rules and wear a face mask.

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