Published On: Sat, Oct 28th, 2023

Over 60s fashion influencer shares the item mature women should ditch

When it comes to looking younger, women have plenty of options. From makeup to skincare to hair dye to a myriad of cosmetic treatments, women do not have to be content with growing old gracefully. 

Style influencer Michelle Shelly Style / Fashion Over 60, who describes herself as an “over 60s fashionista”, believes that a simple wardrobe revamp can take years off a woman’s age.

In a YouTube video entitled 10 Fashion Mistakes That Make You Look Older, she gave her subscribers some expert advice.

While tunic tops are super practical, Michelle warned older ladies against getting too fond of them.

She posed in a white tunic – the only one she owns – a pair of jeggings, and loafers, demonstrating a look she finds a little “drab” and “ageing”.

She said: “I don’t think it’s flattering, I don’t think it is fashionable at all.”

While she acknowledged that many women will own tunic tops and know how to work them, Michelle is not a huge fan.

In particular, she warned petite women like herself about this style of top.

For those who enjoy the long top over jeggings or leggings look, Michelle said you can achieve this in a more flattering, youthful way.

According to the influencer, a “better option” than a tunic is just a simple long shirt. She explained: “I think it’s a little bit more modern.”

Petite ladies who want to rock long shirts without looking shorter can complement their look with some heeled shoes.

Michelle added that shirts have been very on trend for quite some time, especially ones of the drop-sleeve and oversized variety.

These make for a modern alternative to tunics whilst allowing women to maintain this comfy style.

The expert showed an example outfit that was chic, anti-ageing and super flattering – a black and white zebra print shirt, denim-look jeggings and a pair of black open-toe pumps.

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