Published On: Tue, Oct 3rd, 2023

Optical illusion is ‘very accurate’ as it shows if you are the more stoic or social friend

An “on point” personality test promises to reveal what other people think of you and what your friend group greatly admires about you.

This dark and mysterious optical illusion requires you to quickly glance at the picture, and you should either see two side profile faces or a candle in a burner.

Whichever you see first should tell you what kind of friend you are and what your biggest social strengths are.

This strange brainteaser was first shared in a video online by the optical illusion specialist Mia Yilin, who has quickly become popular on social media for her fun psychological pictures.

In Mia’s video comment section, one amazed user wrote: “You know, these videos are always on point!” while someone else said: “This was very accurate!”

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Two Faces

If you first saw two side profile faces then you are someone who tends to dislike showing emotion or anyone you think is overemotional. You are a very hardy person who is admired by loved ones for your ability to keep calm no matter the situation.

The people around you admire you for your tough and sturdy character, and you are someone people often turn to for advice.

Mia said: “You are a resilient spirit capable of bouncing back from any setback. Challenges don’t break you, they make you stronger.”

However, your stoic nature can mean it can be difficult for you to open up when you are facing a problem. It can make you feel alone and that you have the world on your shoulders, but it may help you to get better at talking with your friends and family.

Mia explained: “Don’t forget to express your emotions and seek support when needed. Bottling up your feelings can take a toll on your mental well-being over time.”


If you are someone who first saw the candle, you are excellent at pinpointing other people’s personalities. Those around you often trust your instincts when it comes to other people, and your social skills can lead to you doing well in life, especially in a work environment.

You are excellent at avoiding mean-spirited people or drama as you are very careful at picking your friends. It means the people closest to you often have kind natures, which means you know you can always rely on them.

Mia said: “You’ve got an uncanny ability to see beyond the surface and read people like an open book. Your intuition is spot on, and you pick up on subtle cues that most people miss.”

However, at times you can be underconfident and second-guess yourself. It can lead to people you don’t trust taking advantage of you even if you know they are up to no good. It may help to build your confidence and not let other people get in your head so much.

Mia said: “Remember to not doubt yourself and let others discourage you because more likely than not, your suspicions are correct.”

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