Published On: Wed, Sep 13th, 2023

Optical illusion is ‘spot on’ as it shows if you feel like outsider

Viewers are being challenged with a new optical illusion to tell whether they hold others to high standards or whether they feel like outsiders.

The personality test, shared by brainteaser guru Mia Yilin, has racked up more than 22,600 likes after captivating viewers with its accuracy.

The quiz asks viewers to glance at a mind-bending image of a floating human looking up at a planet and take note of which element they spot first.

According to Mia, those who look at the planet first are more likely to come across as quiet to others, though they’re often concealing an underlying creative streak.

“Once you’re in your own comfortable space, you love to express yourself and make others laugh,” explained the TikToker. “Sometimes you feel like an outsider, and your biggest pet peeve is when people exclude you or refuse to share.

These people need time to warm up to others, and their trust must be earned. Once it is, however, these individuals are at ease maintaining close relationships with loved ones.

Meaning, that those who first saw the woman floating in the lake are more likely to be super chill people, according to Mia.

“You hate it when people get angry over the smallest things,” she noted. “You have high standards for the people are you, and often feel unfulfilled by materialistic things in life.

“You can never find time to relax, but your ideal vacation would be to spend some self-care time in nature.”

People with this characteristic will also display signs of loyalty, which will see them defend those they love with their lives, according to the content creator.

“Although you do have some good feelings about certain people, you’re still holding out for that one true soulmate,” she added.

The clip was a hit with viewers, who raced to the comments to leave hundreds of positive remarks for the brainteaser guru.

“Omg, the one woman in the lake and you were spot on lol especially not caring about materialism,” wrote one person, while another chimed: “Accurate! I saw […] the woman floating”.

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