Published On: Fri, Mar 24th, 2023

Old interview video shows Meghan’s ‘cheeky’ response to being interrupted mid interview

Judi James is a leading television expert in both body language and social behaviour and analysed the clip for the Express. After watching Meghan’s interview, Judi said: “Often the most authentic glimpses of any performer’s personality come during the out-takes though. How do they cope when things go wrong? Does the camera-perfect smile fade or a look of irritation appear?”

Judi explained how the interruption showed a glimpse into Meghan’s personality. She said: “Anyone who has ever done an interview to camera will know that, no matter where you are filming, a drill will start up from somewhere nearby and spoil the shot. Meghan gets interrupted mid-flow by drilling here and her reaction does suggest good-natured sweetness.”

The body expert explained: “The moment she stops talking and turns to see what it is we can see her cheeks lift and go round in the first stage of an authentic smile. Her mouth then opens as the smile spreads and she shows her professionalism with a cheeky grin to camera.”

Meghan also speaks in the interview about finding love, and says she wishes for a relationship like the characters Ross and Rachel from the sitcom Friends. The Duchess says: “We can all have that love! Ross and Rachel.”

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