Published On: Sat, Sep 30th, 2023

My friendship of 15 years is in tatters after pal completely misread this text

A woman’s friendship of 15 years has been left in complete tatters after an unfortunate misreading of one text message.

The debacle started with an innocuous message from the woman’s former friend, who wanted her thoughts on an outfit she was planning to wear to an important event.

Posting on a , the distraught woman said her friend was a “glass-half-empty” person who has “incredibly low self-esteem.” The woman claims she has always tried to give her friend a bit of a boost where she can, as she knows she desperately needs it.

On this occasion, she lent her pal a pricey pair of shoes and even drove to her house to do her hair and make-up for the big day.

All was well. Until disaster struck a few months later in an unexpected twist.

The woman asked her friend if she could have her shoes back, because she was going to a wedding and wanted to look her best for the occasion.

Posting on the forum, she wrote: “Long story short she sent me an essay about how tough life is for her, and how ashamed she is, that she has sold my pair of shoes.

“These are Christian Louboutin shoes that were given to me as a wedding present a couple of years back.

“I told her that I was really angry at this, they weren’t her shoes to sell. The friend went on to say she was under the impression that I gave her the shoes, and they were her shoes to sell.”

Unsurprisingly, this didn’t do much to assuage the anonymous woman’s anger. She read her old text back, which read: “I have a pair of X you can wear, I won’t need them for the time being so you can wear these if they fit you, you will look fabulous.”

It’s not clear how her friend understood this to mean that she could then flog her pal’s shoes for a quick buck.

The furious woman discovered her friend had pawned the shoes, and the shop still had them in stock. Her friend agreed to buy the shoes back – but not before piling on the sob story.

The woman wrote: “I told friend this, and told her she must buy the shoes back immediately. She’s agreed to buy them back, but has said that she will go without food, not be able to pay her mortgage for the month, and basically made me sound like a cheeky f***er for asking her to do this.”

She finished her post by telling readers: “Needless to say, the friendship of 15 years is over.”

How would you react if you were put in this situation? Let us know in the comments.

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