Published On: Sat, Oct 28th, 2023

‘My boyfriend accused me of cheating on him because I’m pregnant – but I’m a virgin’

A young woman, who insists she’s a virgin, was left gobsmacked when she found out she was pregnant after having ‘outercourse’, a type of intimacy that doesn’t involve penetration.

She shared her story on Reddit, saying: “I am a virgin, so is my boyfriend. We’re both young, and neither of us is ready for sex. Personally, it’s never been high on my radar, and from what he’s told me, he’s the same way. That being said, we’ve been dating for a couple of years now, so things have still happened. Think third base, I guess.”

“I went to the doctor because I’ve been feeling really sick lately. I did a urine test and a finger prick, and my doctor told me I was pregnant.” At first, she thought her doctor was pulling her leg – so she started laughing at the idea of being pregnant while also being a virgin – but then reality started to sink in.

“I thought she was joking, but no, I’m really pregnant,” she added. “I kind of fell silent. She started talking about things like ultrasounds, prenatal vitamins, etc., but I cut her off and told her that wasn’t possible because I’ve never had sex and, therefore have never conceived.

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“She explained to me that very, very few women can get pregnant by ‘outercourse’, but it’s still possible due to vaginal anatomy or something. I was, and still am, in complete and utter shock, so I kind of just left without any further explanation.” Scared and confused, the woman drove straight to her boyfriend’s house to tell him everything.

She said: “I hadn’t even texted or called in advance because I was crying, completely distraught. I don’t know why, but it didn’t even cross my mind that he would think I cheated. I would never do something like that. I explained everything to him about how we’d never technically had sex, but we got really close, and stuff can happen.”

“He seemed pretty lost until I eventually told him I was pregnant… which is when he (rightfully) got annoyed at me because how the f**** does that even happen without us having had sex? I tried so hard to explain myself and assure him that I’d never do that, ever.”

“I told him I’d take a DNA test or something to prove that, but he didn’t believe a word and made me go home. The last thing he told me was, ‘I really trusted you’. He looked like he was about to cry.” In response, he blocked her phone number and on social media so she can’t get in touch with him when the DNA results come through.

“He hasn’t told anyone that I’m pregnant because I haven’t even told my own parents yet, but he has told people that I ‘cheated’ on him, and now I’m losing friends and everything’s gone to s***. This was already the worst, lowest point of my life, and it seems to be getting worse.”

Many people advised her to tell her parents for support, while others criticized America’s approach to sex education in schools. One user pointed out: “Just a reminder that only 22 states in the US are legally required to teach medically accurate sex ed if it’s taught. That means the remaining states can literally say/do whatever they want regarding sex ed which is nonsense.”

Another user chimed in: “]I guess I’ll be taking a pregnancy test in a few weeks. I was under the impression this kind of pregnancy was much rarer than that.” A third user added: “I have a cousin who got pregnant like that. We call her son Jesus (not his name).”

“I’ll respect his decision if he wants to break up, but I need him to know I was never with anyone else,” she shared. “It’s been killing me, knowing how hurt he must feel.”

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