Published On: Sun, May 14th, 2023

Mum-of-four shares how different her body can look taking photos from different angles

Influencer and mother-of-four Sarah Nicole Landy shared on her Instagram channel @‌thebirdspapaya how different the body can look when taking photos from different angles. Sarah, who is also a writer and speaker, posed for the pictures showing her followers how good she can look from one angle and how unflattering her body can appear from another.

Sarah, who has over two million followers on Instagram, admitted that she sometimes struggles with body image.

In one of her pictures, she explained: “Whenever I’m struggling with self-image I realise a lot of it is because I’m just always seeing it in so many different ways.

“The desire to hide or change my clothes is so real and also OK when I need to quiet the mind. But other days, like today? I just see it for what it is.

“Keep on keeping on. I’m never gonna ‘love’ it but I will love it.” Her followers absolutely loved her body positivity and hundreds took to the comments section to share their own struggles.

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An Instagram user, @‌sofa_king_random, said: “Thank you for that! Struggling here with the same view.

“I also never ever stand sideways when looking in a mirror because 1) who wants to see that and 2) am I running through like greeting people sideways? I am not. So front looks good I’m good to go.”

Another one commented: “You’ve made me a lot more comfortable wearing clothes that show my tummy over the last few years because of posts like this – thank you.”

A third one wrote: “Thank you for this. The worst view is that ‘looking down’ perspective. On many occasions, it has sent me spiralling into a very low place.”

Another follower said: “This is the stuff every teen girl needs to see daily. Because what is presented on social media is always just a tiny piece and not always a realistic one at that. Thank you forever!!”

“Our bodies are literally walking pieces of art that can mould any which way we want,” @‌kaylynbarr opined.

Another social media user said that she feels “exactly the same today” and explained that “the majority of my shorts from last year don’t fit”.

“I beat myself up (for a minute) but also had to be realistic… I’m closer to 60, eating and working out the way I have in the past doesn’t give me the same results anymore,” @‌beacon_coachingca explained.

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She continued: “I can either become much more strict with myself or accept that I’m bigger and more jiggly but still healthy!

“So I bought shorts one size up and donated the ones that were too small instead of dangling them in front of my face as a punishment. Feeling way better!! Wearing the bikini with cellulite anyway!”

Others, however, admitted they find it hard to see the positives sometimes. “I wish I had your confidence girl,” said @‌canadianrachelle.

Another one, @‌mstacori5, commented: “I’m currently learning to embrace my new body post baby seven months ago! It’s definitely been a struggle but I have to give myself grace and kindness as I do for others.”

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