Published On: Tue, Nov 7th, 2023

‘I’m 40 but look 25 and have luminous skin thanks to one important daily rule’

Ageing is a concern among many, leading expert to share their anti-ageing tips – like one who shared her “dietary tips to hold back the years”.

When it comes to anti-ageing beauty care it seems most advice is to spend too much money on creams and serums but one woman is joining the ranks of people who believe focusing on your diet can help you look younger. 

Samanta Cartwright is a photographer who has recently turned 40, and in a video on TikTok has joked she was worried about looking like a “depicted old hag” six months before her birthday so began focusing on ways to get “glowy luminous skin.”

While Samanta has bought more skincare and makeup products, she has also focused on nutrition and the food she can eat in order to continue looking youthful and wrinkle-free.

In one video. Samanta showcased what she typically eats in a day in order to look younger. She said: “What I eat in a day to look 25…everything I eat is purely for my appearance so please bear that in mind.”

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To start off the day, Samanta explained she mixes greens powder, a dietary supplement, with pineapple juice in a glass. She said: “Usually I mix it with pineapple juice, but I didn’t have any today so I mixed it with lemon and water. It’s actually really nice.”

More green powder brands have ingredients such as kale, spinach, green tea, and chlorella in them, which are thought to contain antioxidants and vitamins to protect the skin and slow down the aging process.

Next, Samanta said she drinks coffee with a quarter spoonful of honey and also some Free Soul apple cider vinegar gummies. She said: “ACV gummies I know they’re controversial but they’ve worked a dream for me.”

Samanta also had a brunch of two crumpets with jam as well as cherry tomatoes and three eggs on the side.

She said: “I’m never hungry first thing in the morning so I ate this around midday. I would usually have loads of spinach with this but I didn’t have any.”

Samanta also said her top anti-aging advice was to drink “as much water as humanly possible” throughout the day.

In the evening, Samanta said she went out for a picnic, and it appeared that her dinner included a variety of salads, olives, and other Mediterranean food as well as a glass of wine.

She said: “[This] doesn’t do anything for the aging process but you’ve got to live sometimes!”

In the video caption, Samanta said her anti-aging foods have helped her look “15 years younger.”

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