Published On: Fri, Dec 8th, 2023

‘I knock years off my face in seconds with one concealer technique’

TikTok beauty influencer Ky Lauren has adopted one make-up hack to tackle this area, claiming it can brighten the entire face in an instant.

“This is a great hack that’s going to take years off your face in just seconds,” she told her followers. “Tea throughs are these deep little areas here at the inner corner of your eyes.

Pointing to the area in question, she added: “As we get older, they get deepened, I’m going to show you a quick trick to make them brighter and pop out.”

To deal with this area of the face, Ky presses the foundation of a lighter shade into the skin.

“I like to use a pressed foundation two to three shades lighter than your normal shade,” the influencer noted, lightly patting the product on the area. 

The results are almost instantaneous, as the eyes pop out and look significantly brighter in seconds.

“It’s gonna pop out that area,” she added. “I’m going to use a bigger brush to blend it out so it [matches], with the rest of my make-up.”

Viewers were quick to share that they were impressed in the comments.  

“What a difference,” one viewer wrote, while another quipped: “Absolutely love this.”

A third person quipped: “Good advice.”

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