Published On: Sun, Nov 12th, 2023

‘I caught my wife cheating with a co-worker in a car park’

A heartbroken husband has shared his anger after discovering his wife’s affair with a co-worker. The 33 year old, who had been married for seven years, became worried when his wife didn’t return home from work as usual.

He took to social media to share his distressing experience. He wrote: “I got in my car and drove the route to her work, looking to see if she had crashed or something crazy had happened.”

“Her car was not at her work so I drove the other route she could take home. I called the hospital, and police, and had her family involved because she was basically missing at this point to me.”

Four hours after she would usually be home the man received a text from his wife saying: “I’m alive.” And after calling her, she told him she was working late: “which was clearly a lie” he added.

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But the heartbroken husband discovered his wife’s affair through a Snapchat geotag. He explained: “This updated her location on the snap map: at a car park about 15 mins from our house.”

He was stunned to find his wife in the back of her co-worker’s car and said: “Once she noticed me we talked and the other man just hid in his car. I asked if she loved him, and she said yes, I asked if she was planning to leave me and she also said yes.”

The upset husband revealed that his wife now lives with her co-worker and only visited their shared apartment once since the incident. He added: “We talked, and it seemed amicable, she said she would respond to my texts and agreed to some bills we have. She did send me car payments, but that’s the last I’ve heard from her since Monday. I’m basically being ignored now,”

The man is struggling with his current situation and asked Reddit users for advice, saying: “I’m living in this apartment we have lived in for like 8 years, slowly trying to dig out of all our shit. I’m really just struggling, it’s been a really hard experience for me. I just wanted to share this story to get other’s perspectives on what my next moves should be?”

He added: “I know divorce is obvious, but I’m not really sure how to move forward from this point. Any advice would be welcome, I know she did me dirty and I should just be mad, but I miss her and hope she is ok.”

Thousands of people read his story and most agreed that he needed to heal and focus on himself. One person advised: “The faster this is behind you the better. You can start to focus on yourself and your needs. You need the time to heal and find someone who can give you the love you want.”

Another reader suggested: “Stand your ground and realise there are other people in the world who can be in a relationship and not cheat.”

One person encouraged him to: “Go out and get yourself a new look. Haircut, clothes, slick shoes, etc. This isn’t shopping therapy, it’s the beginning of a new you.”

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