Published On: Mon, Oct 23rd, 2023

Hair expert shares how to make hair ‘grow faster’ for a ‘longer and sleeker’ look

goes through several changes during a person’s lifetime – and one of the most common physical effects of the ageing process is a loss of hair.

To combat this and speed up hair growth, Adam Bryant, academy director of hair salon Rush, has shared his top tips to make hair “grow faster”.

1. Limit shampoo use

Regular shampooing helps wash away dirt and any product build-up there may be in the hair, such as hairspray or styling gels. But washing strands too often doesn’t just make hair dry, it can affect how quickly it grows too.

As well as mixing up your shampooing schedule, Adam said: “A good quality moisturising shampoo is a must. As are regular moisturising and strengthening treatments.” 

So, when lathering up, let the water rinse the shampoo through the remainder of the hair to help it remain healthy.

2. Always use conditioner 

While cutting down on shampoo will hopefully make a difference to how fast hair grows, the expert “always recommends” regular conditioning.

He claimed: “Many high street shampoos are filled with harsh and damaging chemicals, called sulphates, which can strip away your hair’s natural oils. 

“So, keeping up with your conditioning ritual is essential to not only improve the overall quality of your hair, but also increase the speed at which your hair grows.”

3. Look after your scalp 

Many often forget about one of the most important factors that aids “super-fast hair growth” – scalps. Just as important as looking after your locks, taking care of the scalp will “increase the speed your hair grows at”.

Adam said: “If you’ve got time, a daily scalp massage will encourage blood circulation to the area, helping deliver vital nutrients and oxygen to the hair follicle.”

4. Get frequent trims 

The one thing you want to avoid, so hair can grow quicker, is not going for regular chops. Not getting a haircut regularly will mean one of the worst horrors of all – split ends.

Split ends occur when hair strands break. This will stop hair growth altogether past a certain point. 

So, to avoid split ends appearing and keep hair healthy, it is advised to visit the hairdresser and get a trim every eight to 10 weeks.

5. Try to only use a microfibre towel 

Many are guilty of wrapping hair in a cosy, plush bath towel after washing. Although this seems harmless, it’s not good for the hair.

The woven fibres in certain towels can get caught in the hair, especially when you wrap it up tightly. Opting for a microfibre towel is a “much safer option”, that’s kinder on follicles to ensure “speedier hair growth”.

6. Get your daily greens in

Vitamins are the fuel follicles need to help your hair grow faster. Adam explained: “A healthy diet is always wise. In this case, one that is rich in iron and vitamins C, D and E. Iron is the most critical mineral for your hair.

“If you don’t have enough iron in your diet, your hair volume will decline to compensate for your body’s need for it. Eating fruit and vegetables that contain vitamin C drastically increases your absorption of iron, and boosts collagen production which helps your hair grow faster.”

Adam also mentioned that vitamin D3 directly interacts with hair follicles, and when D3 levels are not optimal, it can “decrease the volume of hair” on the scalp. Seafood and orange juice are great sources of vitamin D3, so make sure to include them in your diet.

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