Published On: Wed, Nov 15th, 2023

Dog owner shared ‘harder than Where’s Wally’ challenge after his pooch hid in the woods

A dog owner, Stuart Macleod from Falkirk, Scotland, took to social media to share a challenge inspired by the classic children’s books “Where’s Wally”.

He came up with the ingenious idea after he struggled to locate his black Labrador, Kaisie, in the woods, accoding to the Daily Mail.

While out on a walk, Kaisie playfully hid under the autumn leaves, prompting Stuart to turn the situation into a fun challenge.

After successfully finding his sneaky Lab, Stuart decided to extend the challenge to others by capturing a photo of his five-year-old dog in her clever hiding spot.

The challenge encourages people to spot the hidden pooch amidst the fallen leaves, adding an entertaining twist to the usual dog-walking routine.

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Macleod shared the image on social media, and users quickly drew comparisons to the famous “Where’s Wally” books, which tasks readers to find the iconic red and white stripe-wearing cartoon man.

In the photo, his dog cleverly blends in with the sloping hill in a muddy park surrounded by thick trees and scattered brown and red leaves.

The playful challenge added an element of amusement for those participating, turning a routine dog walk into a whimsical search akin to the beloved hide-and-seek puzzles.

Sharing a photo on Monday, Macleod invited his followers to “Spot the dog.”

The snap garnered dozens of likes and comments from users who were genuinely stumped by the difficulty of the challenge.

One person humorously remarked: “That was harder than Where’s Wally. Honestly took me a minute.”

Another playfully mentioned: “I see she passed her camouflage and concealment module.

“I did eventually spot her, by the way, but would’ve been long after she spotted me.”

A third commenter joked: “Escape and evasion training went very well,” while another simply stated: “Impossible!”

A fifth participant admitted: “Took a while but saw her in the end.”

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