Published On: Tue, Oct 17th, 2023

Britons share their worst dating experiences on Reddit

Members of the Reddit forum have taken to the site to reveal their worst stories on the thread r/AskUK.

Some reveal the details of embarrassing fashion faux-pas while others tell of their shock of being met by someone who looks nothing like their online profile.

Taking to the site to share their own unfortunate dating experience, one user who goes by the name u/Living_Reputation978 wrote: “Went on five dates with this lady. On the fifth date, she admitted that she has two kids. I let it go and was still interested. She also admitted that she was still married. I was shocked and disgusted. I said that what she was doing was wrong. She replied ‘I can leave him for you?’. I was nauseated and said that you would probably do the same thing to me. I just left.”

The Reddit member asked other men and women on Reddit, “What’s the worst date or dates you’ve ever been on?”. have rounded up the most shocking responses on the thread.

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