Published On: Sat, Oct 7th, 2023

Body language expert spots Princess Kate ‘hold her own’ with King Charles | Royal | News

Princess Kate officially joined the Royal Family in 2011 and despite not being royal by blood, she certainly holds her own, according to a body language expert.

Judi James told “Kate’s body language always seems to epitomise charm and a subtle approach when it comes to the pecking order of the Firm, but one royal she seems to enjoy surprising confidence with is her father-in-law the King.

“Kate more than holds her own with Charles and the slightly fearless relationship she has forged with him appears to not only form a perfect fit but also to help enhance his own image after his history of family splits, rifts and controversy.”

Judi suggested that Kate and Charles have a very multi-faceted relationship, with Kate being able to enhance the King’s life in lots of ways.

She claimed: “Kate’s behaviour with Charles lies somewhere between the rather spontaneous fondness of Zara and the kind of support that Camilla lends him.

“It was Kate consoling Charles in his grief at his father’s funeral but it was also Kate getting competitive when it came to tasks on a royal visit.

“Kate often looks comfortable taking the more dominant role in some of their greeting rituals but all the required strong levels of trust appear to have been established first.”

According to the expert, the King welcomes Kate’s confidence rather than feels intimidated by it: “Charles seems to enjoy Kate’s behavioural style and this could be helped by the fact that she is low-maintenance on their joint visits.

“There’s no risk of her needing any support or attention, her inner stoicism means that, like his mother and sister, she just gets on with the job. She also seems to share his sense of humour, which also means some more irreverent-looking moments as they chuckle together.”

Judi claimed that Charles’ birthday photo in 2018 “showed Kate’s quiet ability to break rank and dare to firmly change the choreography but in a way that Charles clearly adored and in a way that helped make him look more adorable, too”.

“Kate provided the best PR moment for Charles here as she allowed little Louis to lean forward during a slightly formal pose to stick his hand in Charles’s face.

“We can see Kate is doing nothing to hold Louis back here, just holding him out and smiling confidently as he allows Charles to show his more human side.”

Kate also shone at the No Time To Die James Bond premiere in 2021 – and not just because of her sequinned gown.

Judi said: “Her gold dress was stunning and she looked at the peak of her red carpet confidence. She was comfortable with the celebrity surroundings, more so than Charles and Camilla.

“Kate’s greeting ritual with Charles reflected that confidence. Her signals here make her look dominant, like a host greeting a guest.

“Her eye contact is firm and direct and she holds Charles’s shoulders to sustain the proximity while he looks totally delighted and just a little bashful.”

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