Published On: Fri, Oct 20th, 2023

Asda slashing prices of must-have products – eight items on sale for £1 or under | Personal Finance | Finance

In a recent video, Latest Deals broke down what products people need to get from Asda this Halloween.

So far, the TikTok has hundreds of likes from viewers looking to find the best supermarket savings.

The content creator shared: “Here are eight Halloween deals under £1 at Asda. This Ghostface trick-or-treat bucket is only 79p.

“Two-meter-long Halloween bunting is £1. A pumpkin chocolate lollypop? 80p. White punking decoration: £1.

“Spooky chocolate coins are 79p. These witchy window stickers are £1 and this witch hat is also £1.

“This ghost ornament is £1 again and this pack of six Halloween balloons are, you’ve guessed it, £1.

“There’s a Halloween paper chain kit for £1 and this Bebeto Spooky Mix [pack of] sweets are 90p.”

Danni Hewson, head of financial analysis at AJ Bell, broke down how supermarkets have coped amid a period of high inflation.

She explained: “Competition for our patronage has been fierce amongst supermarkets with the discounters spotting and exploiting shoppers’ desire for the best value.

“Their push for dominance in the UK was somewhat curtailed by the pandemic when worried households were prepared to pay for contact-free deliveries – a service neither Aldi nor Lidl provided.

“But raging inflation has hit households where it hurts. Parents have struggled to put enough food on the table to fill up their growing kids and news websites have been full of tales of people forced to choose between heating and eating.

“Shoppers have become ultra-savvy, scouring social media for the best deals and signing up to supermarket loyalty schemes that offered discounts.”

Those interested in finding out more supermarket deals this Halloween season can follow Latest Deal’s TikTok channel.

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