Published On: Sat, Apr 20th, 2019

Pack Of Dingoes Attacks Toddler & Parents Fight To Save Him

Wild dingo on the beach

An Australian couple awoke to the bone chilling screams of their 14-month-old son only to discover a pack of wild dingoes had descended on their camping van and attacked while they were sleeping.

“The parents woke up to the baby screaming and chased after him and had to fight the dingoes off to take the 14-month-old boy away,” LifeFlight pilot Frank Bertoli said as he explained what happened to local reporters.

He added: “He was grabbed around the back of the neck area and dragged away, so if it wasn’t for the parents and their quick thinking and fighting off the dingoes, he probably would have had more severe injuries.”

A helicopter from LifeFlight – an emergency air service – airlifted the boy and his mother early Friday morning after receiving a call about the attack. According to a representative of Queensland Health, the toddler was stable and conscious while receiving treatment.

The 14-month-old is currently receiving additional care at Queensland Children’s Hospital.

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Pack Of Dingoes Attacks Toddler & Parents Fight To Save Him